Cakes & Shokupan



letao’s #1 best selling product – Double Fromage cheesecake!

Our star product, the Double Fromage is the gold standard of cheesecakes.

Made with imported Italian Mascarpone Cheese, just one bite of the Double Fromage will tantalize your taste buds with smooth and delicious creamy goodness. Melts like snow, the rich milky taste will bring instant joy, and the aesthetically modest sweetness. The upper layer is creamy smooth no-bake (pasteurised) cheesecake, and the lower layer is rich, tasty baked cheesecake. This spectacular melty cheesecake is just miraculous!

fromage double

Chocolate double



A superb combination of rich chocolate fragrance and mellow cheese.

The combination of the two classic cakes for every sweet tooth, cheese and chocolate, is the two-layered Chocolate Double. The bitterness of cacao and the taste of cheese harmonize to create an elegant sweetness. Enjoy the rich yet refreshing aftertaste.

European coverture chocolate is added to the baked cheese cake layer.




Our Ultimate

 3-Layer Chocolate cake 
specially sourced 3 different cacao beans

“Amousse” (amuse) your loved ones with the ultimate in chocolatey charm with this elegant creamy chocolate cake! A dash of brandy whipped into Hokkaido fresh cream and chocolate mousse permeates through layers of this sophisticated 3-layer chocolate mousse cake.

  • Bottom Layer: White chocolate with aromatic flavors of vanilla and cacao from Ghana
  • Middle Layer: Milk chocolate made using Ecuadorian cacao beans
  • Top Layer: Dark chocolate using 70% cocoa couverture from Madagascar(Cake contains <1% alcohol)

Pumpkin Fromage



 potiron cheesecake
made with fresh hokkaido kuri pumpkin

A gourmet and autumn-inspired cheesecake made with Hokkaido Kuri Pumpkin, Japanese fresh cream, Italian Mascarpone cheese & Australian cream cheese. The best choice for this Autumn season!




Jersey milk swiss roll



 Swiss Roll
made using Hokkaido’s rare Jersey Cows’ Milk

The LeTAO swiss roll made with milk from Jersey cows raised in Hokkaido is luxuriously creamy and smooth as silk. A special combination of wheat flour, Jersey milk and mascarpone cheese culminated in this heavenly dessert.

Doux Miel Honey Cake

Doux Miel

Sweet Honey Cake

  Original Honey 

Doux Miel 6pcs Box 2 

Doux Miel “Sweet Honey” (ドゥ ミエル) – a soft-baked honey cake made from ambrosial Clover Honey from Canada mixed with almond flour and with cocoa powder.

Hokkaido Fresh Cream Shokupan Loaf


Fresh Cream Shokupan

  WHole loaf bread 
all the goodness of Hokkaido in every slice.

We are very excited to debut LeTAO’s fluffy Hokkaido Fresh Cream Shokupan for the first time ever in Singapore. 100% Made in Hokkaido, Japan.

A special blend of Komagi & Yumechikara flour is carefully kneaded with the same Hokkaido fresh cream & milk that are used in our signature Double Fromage cheesecake, as well as using high-quality butter & honey, making the loaf soft, moist & irresistibly exquisite!

Our silky smooth Shokupan loaf is versatile & can be enjoyed toasted, made into artisanal sandwiches whether sliced or pull-apart or, if you are like us and can’t wait, eaten right out of the box!

Sold frozen, best consumed within 3 days after defrosting at room temperature (or within a week in the chiller).

hokkaido fresh cream shokupanhokkaido fresh cream shokupan thick slice