Strawberry | ALMONDS  

 AMANDE petit tin

Revel in the decadence of whole almonds, roasted and caramelised to perfection, dipped in bittersweet chocolate and sprinkled with a layer of chocolate powder.

   SB petit tin

Whole freeze-dried strawberries are covered in white chocolate sprinkled with sour-sweet strawberry powder. Enjoy the uniquely succulent texture and the great harmony of its sweet flavour.



SB petit tinSB petit tinAMANDE petit tin




 tea-infused Chocolate 
Chocolate that lingers in your mouth with an elegant aroma of Darjeeling tea.

One of the three major teas of the world, Darjeeling tea is blended into chocolate that melts in your mouth with a delicate scent of tea. This speaks eloquently of the graciousness of the product.

The aroma is characteristic of Darjeeling tea and cacao. Blended in an exquisite balance to set off both ingredients, we offer the melty taste of ganache. The recipe of this masterpiece from our chocolatiers took nine years to perfect.


royale montagne



Dark Chocolate

 butter-like block 
dark chocolate galore.

An elegant gift of chocolate indulgence that will have your paramour purring with pure palatal pleasure. Combination of 3 types of chocolate sourced from France (64.5% cocoa), Spain (55%) and Japan (73%), Premium Butter, Hokkaido Cream and Grape Juice from Urausu-cho, Hokkaido. Revel in the vino-cacao Sensation with every slice of luxurious dense chocolate goodness.




 Blanc Frais
Smooth melt-in-your mouth chocolate with the fresh fruity scent of grapeS.

White chocolate ganache with sweet flavored Niagara wine. Made by hand one piece at a time, it melts like gentle snow in your mouth. Niagara grapes from Hokkaido are very rare and after a number of trials, we finally decided to mix wine made from these grapes with our white chocolate ganache.

We are proud to offer you the fruity taste that you cannot experience anywhere else. Enjoy the special taste and texture of a delicacy you have may have never tasted before. As we were particular about the rich taste and the appearance—we made it round just like grapes.