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Otaru Rue

Ironai Fromage


ironai 10 pcs

Crispy, yet moist. This delightful Langue de chat is unique to LeTAO.

Imagine the nostalgic atmosphere of old Western-style houses on Rue Ironai, the old center of the Otaru economy. We proudly present langue de chat cheese cookies made from a carefully selected recipe and formula. We used the same cheese as in the Double Fromage. This is a perfect combination of mascarpone cheese from Italy and LeTAO’s original rich fresh cream.

ironai 18 pieces


otaru ironai cheddar


Thé Noir



 darjeeling chocolate cookies

thenoir 10 new


Velvety smooth chocolate meets aromatic Darjeeling tea to create a crispy, delicious cookie – an indulgence for the mind, body & soul. Please enjoy the sumptuous  Thé (Tea) Noir (Black) Chocolate cookies – intertwined with aroma, taste and texture.


Sable Cheese Sandwich


Cheese Sandwich

  nostalgic Cream cheese sandwich  

sable cheese sandwich petit fromage

Soft & creamy cream cheese blended with Italian Mascarpone baked cheese & Hokkaido fresh cream, sandwiched with twiced-baked crumbly almond sable cookies. Well-balanced buttery & aromatic cheese flavour profiles.

Sold frozen, defrosting required for 1 – 3 hours in the chiller before consumption.

(Limited quantities of Mid-Autumn Packaging for this product is available for walk-in, upon request, at no additional charge)

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Strawberry Milk Cookies

Strawberry Milk


  langue de chat  

strawberry milk ironai langue de chat 2

LeTAO’s latest limited-run of Strawberry Milk Langue de Chat cookies created from the harmony of milk and strawberries from Hokkaido. Bright & attractive pink strawberry filling with moderate sweetness blended with fresh milk, sandwiched by crispy and fragrant cookies.



Fleur Joyeuse


  Original | Chocolate  
Fleur Joyeuse “Happy Flower” (陽気な花) – our nostalgic Japanese Biscuit that is handcrafted to have a crispy texture and buttery scent.