letao’s #1 best selling product – Double Fromage cheesecake!

Our star product, the Double Fromage is the gold standard of cheesecakes.

Made with imported Italian Mascarpone Cheese, just one bite of the Double Fromage will tantalize your taste buds with smooth and delicious creamy goodness. Melts like snow, the rich milky taste will bring instant joy, and the aesthetically modest sweetness. The upper layer is creamy smooth no-bake cheesecake, and the lower layer is rich, tasty baked cheesecake. This spectacular melty cheesecake is just miraculous!

fromage double

Chocolat double



A superb combination of rich chocolate fragrance and mellow cheese.

The combination of the two classic cakes for every sweet tooth, cheese and chocolate, is the two-layered Chocolat Double. The bitterness of cacao and the taste of cheese harmonize to create an elegant sweetness. Enjoy the rich yet refreshing aftertaste.

European coverture chocolate is added to the baked cheese cake layer.


Melon Fromage



 Hokkaido melon cheesecake
LeTAO’s summer special is here. Our Melon Fromage (Melon Double) is a refreshing cheesecake made with the freshest Hokkaido Melon, fresh cream and Italian Mascarpone cheese – a masterclass of melony goodness. Limited quantities.

melon fromage

Tromage burnt cheesecake


Burnt Cheesecake

 triple premium cheeses 

tromage burnt cheesecake letao

letao’s first-ever burnt cheesecake

A new & exciting addition to LeTAO’s celebrated lineup of cheesecakes, the Tromage Burnt Cheesecake takes inspiration from the Basque region of Spain. A subtly sweet and uniquely umami taste is achieved by expertly blending 3 premium cheeses: Danish Cream Cheese, Italian Mascarpone Cheese and Australian Diced Cream Cheese. Available for a limited time and in limited quantities, the Tromage is a treat for the tastebuds that is not to be missed!

triple premium cheese tromage letaosg

tromage burnt cheesecake letao


Doux Miel Honey Cake

Doux Miel

Sweet Honey Cake

  Original Honey  | Chocolate Honey  

doux miel sweet honey cake original honey

Doux Miel “Sweet Honey” (ドゥ ミエル) – a soft-baked honey cake made from ambrosial Clover Honey from Canada mixed with almond flour.

doux miel sweet honey cake chocolate honey

Doux Miel “Sweet Honey” (ドゥ ミエル) Chocolate is a soft-baked honey cake made from ambrosial Clover Honey from Canada mixed with almond flour and cocoa powder.

Doux Miel 6pcs Box 2   Doux Miel 6pcs Box


Otaru Rue

Ironai Fromage


ironai 10 pcs

Crispy, yet moist. This delightful Langue de chat is unique to LeTAO.

Imagine the nostalgic atmosphere of old Western-style houses on Rue Ironai, the old center of the Otaru economy. We proudly present langue de chat cheese cookies made from a carefully selected recipe and formula. We used the same cheese as in the Double Fromage. This is a perfect combination of mascarpone cheese from Italy and LeTAO’s original rich fresh cream.

ironai 18 pieces


otaru ironai cheddar


Otaru Renga Dori Chocolat (Raisin Buttermilk)

Otaru Renga

Dori Chocolat

  Raisin Buttermilk  

otaru renga dori chocolat box letao sg

LeTAO’s crunchy Japanese granola knits together art and artisan in a charming little package. Made with top-quality chocolate, Hokkaido Buttermilk and rich in raisins, the Renga Dori or Brick Street pays homage to Japanese masonry with its Brick Shaped granola and packaging design.


Thé Noir



 darjeeling chocolate cookies

thenoir 10 new


Velvety smooth chocolate meets aromatic Darjeeling tea to create a crispy, delicious cookie – an indulgence for the mind, body & soul. Please enjoy the sumptuous  Thé (Tea) Noir (Black) Chocolate cookies – intertwined with aroma, taste and texture.





 ALMONDS | strawberry 

petit amande almondspetit amande

Revel in the decadence of whole almonds, roasted and caramelised to perfection, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with a layer of chocolate powder.

petit strawberrypetit sb

Whole freeze-dried strawberries are covered in white chocolate sprinkled with sour-sweet strawberry powder. Enjoy the uniquely succulent texture and the great harmony of its sweet flavor.

petit sbpetit sbpetit amande


Fleur Joyeuse


  Original | Chocolate  


Fleur Joyeuse “Happy Flower” (陽気な花) – our nostalgic Japanese Biscuit that is handcrafted to have a crispy texture and buttery scent.




 tea-infused Chocolate 
Chocolate that lingers in your mouth with an elegant aroma of Darjeeling tea.

One of the three major teas of the world, Darjeeling tea is blended into chocolate that melts in your mouth with a delicate scent of tea. This speaks eloquently of the graciousness of the product.

The aroma is characteristic of Darjeeling tea and cacao. Blended in an exquisite balance to set off both ingredients, we offer the melty taste of ganache. The recipe of this masterpiece from our chocolatiers took nine years to perfect.


royale montagne




 Blanc Frais
Smooth melt-in-your mouth chocolate with the fresh fruity scent of grapeS.

White chocolate ganache with sweet flavored Niagara wine. Made by hand one piece at a time, it melts like gentle snow in your mouth. Niagara grapes from Hokkaido are very rare and after a number of trials, we finally decided to mix wine made from these grapes with our white chocolate ganache.

We are proud to offer you the fruity taste that you cannot experience anywhere else. Enjoy the special taste and texture of a delicacy you have may never tasted before. As we were particular about the rich taste and the appearance—we made it round just like grapes.

Niagara niagara grapes hokkaido

Froma Toron Pudding



 Rare Cheesecake Pudding
double cheese, double delight!

Inspired by our signature Double Fromage, the Froma Toron pudding is a delicious rendition of smooth mascarpone cheese, fresh cream and baked cream cheese from Australia.

A palatable pudding that can be stored and enjoyed at room temperature, the Froma Toron is suitable for gifting as well.

froma toron rare cheesecake pudding 6 pieces