Xmas Strawberry Forest Chocolate Tart


Strawberry Forest

 chocolate tart 
Santa’s secret & wonderous tart!

[Available from 1st Dec 2022] At LeTAO ’tis always the season to be jolly! A dash of brandy accentuates the colourful fusion of velvety chocolate, smoky hazelnut and pistachio paste, succulent strawberries and sweet-sour framboise puree to create a sophisticated yet wonderous dessert perfect for a joyful festive season.

Xmas Noel Pistachio Cake



 pistachio cake 
pistachio-ed perfection!

[Available from 1st Dec 2022] Indulge in LeTAO’s passion for pistachio! Luscious layers of creamy smooth pistachio and pistachio-chocolate mousse sit atop a base of dark chocolate genoise and support a rich layer of pistachio chantilly and raspberry toppings. Noel Pistachio is a paradise of pistachio-ed perfection!



Xmas Deluxe Double Fromage Cheesecake



 double fromage 

[Available from 1st Dec 2022] Charm your cheesecake connoisseur friends and loved ones with our Xmas Deluxe Double Fromage, decorated with exquisite ornaments. Inspired by our best-selling Double Fromage, this Deluxe version is almost twice in weight and suitable for 8~10 servings. Made with imported Italian Mascarpone, just one bite will tantalize your taste buds with smooth and delicious creamy goodness.

Xmas Gateau Pudding Tiramisu Cheesecake


Gateau Pudding

 Tiramisu cheesecake 
decadent kids-friendly tiramisu cheesecake!

[Available from 1st Dec 2022] The gateau of every gourmandize’ dream, LeTAO’s Gateau Pudding Tiramisu, made with Hokkaido fresh cream, Italian Mascarpone cheese and a flavorful blend of custard, vanilla and aromatic coffee. Toast to the festivities with our yummy yuletide tiramisu pudding cake. (This tiramisu cheesecake does not contain alcohol)



Exquisite Chocolate Bars – Sante Lien 6-in-1 Collection

Sante Lien


 Exquisite Chocolate bars 

wellness chocolate bars.

[Available from 1st Dec 2022] Don’t miss this rare chance to get your hands on the signature and handcrafted Sante Lien chocolate bars collection! Each collection contains 6 delicious & wellness flavours:

i) Camembert: Crunchy cashew nut bits and dried apples garnish the unique combination of white chocolate and camembert cheese

ii) Amande: Almond chocolate bar with pistachio bits and cornflakes

iii) Fraise: Pistachio bits and a mélange of tart strawberries, raspberries and cranberries beautifully scattered on a bar of pink chocolate

iv) Gorgonzola: Plump dried figs embellish a blend of white chocolate and Gorgonzola cheese

v) Pistache: Diced piquant cranberries and cashew nut bits adorn the pistachio-infused chocolate bar

vi) Noix de coco: Aromatic coconut and zesty pineapple on white chocolate